Skally Line Out And About

We had a great show down at the Art Blast in Rosemount back on Saturday, June 20th.  It was a tad toasty out on the greenhouse’s parking lot but we had a great time and met a wonderful photographer named Kristy Johnson.  She calls her business Fotonic Images and she took a handful of lovely pictures of us.  Here are a few:

IMG_0229 IMG_0231 IMG_0283 IMG_0271 IMG_0283 IMG_0296

The commodium was a big hit and elicited lots of questions.  Kristy took a great picture of it.

Sure hope we get a chance to play down there again.  The fellow who booked us wants to consider us for a show at the Steeple Center over the winter.  Fingers crossed!


On Saturday, June 27th, we had an amazing time performing a concert at a friend’s house up near Sturgeon Lake.  The weather was perfect, the skeeters stayed mostly at bay, and the crowd kept us eager to play on and on.  Had some nice chats around the bonfire with a few glasses of Laphroaig and tottered home glowing around midnight.  Summer is off to a helluva start.  We’re eager to record soon.  Here’s a short clip taken by one of the audience.

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