The Skally Line Debuts at The Underground Music Cafe!

1579 Hamline Ave. Falcon Heights, MN 55108

Wednesday, February 4, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., the Skally Line makes its debut at one of the premiere music venues in the Cities.  Formerly The Coffee Grounds in Falcon Heights, The Underground Music Cafe got rid of the pole in the middle of the stage and rededicated itself to live music and music education.  They still have great food and drink too.  Sorry about the late notice but The Skally Line is filling in for a cancellation.  Come on down--it's not a late night--and help bring the Skally Line into the station.  There is a $5.00 suggested cover (woohoo!  No playing for tips here!), phone is (651) 644-9959 and HERE is a map.