Live From Studio J, Wiese Auditorium at KBEK

208 Broadway Avenue South, Braham, MN

The Voice of East Central Minnesota, KBEK Radio, hosts a live show Sundays and now Fridays.  The show gets broadcast live on air and The Skally Line has landed one of these highly-coveted spots.  There's only room for about 60 people I understand, so if you want to see the show and be part of the spectacle, get over to their website or call 320-496-9339 to reserve a spot.  I don't know if or what they charge for tickets--give them a holler.  When I know, I'll post it.  We're honored to have been invited.  This radio station harkens back to the days before Clear Channel and computer-programmed top-40 crap.  These guys play what they like, they mix it up (you'll hear Tom Jones, Mary Poppins Soundtrack, and Frank Sinatra in a row!), and they play some off-the-beaten-track music.  Can't wait for this one!