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Skally Line LogoThe Skally Line’s 2016 Debut Album!

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Welcome to The Skally Line’s debut recording!  This collection of originals comes right out of the Deep North; tales of Minnesota old and new. If you enjoy listening even half as much as we enjoyed writing and recording, we’ll be over the moon.

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  1. Government Road  (3:55, F. Keller)
  2. Red River Carts  (3:25, F. Keller)
  3. Three Little Drops  (6:11, F. Keller)
  4. Goodbye Blue Munde  (3:23, T. Cornish)
  5. Looking For Grace  (5:24, F. Keller)
  6. Creep Along Charlie  (3:38, F. Keller)
  7. My Home Out On The Prairie  (3:31, T. Cornish)
  8. Washed Up On The Flats  (4:18, F. Keller)
  9. Shanty Boys Polka  (2:57, F. Keller)
  10. Don’t Make No Fuss Over My Remains  (4:27, F. Keller)


All songs copyright F. Keller or T. Cornish.  Mixed by Dakota Dave Hull at Arabica Studio.  Mixed by Miles Hanson with Steve Wiese at Creation Audio, Mpls.  Cover Art by Dave Baker, Design by Joe Hart, Soldier’s Grove, WI.  Photography by Lori Hamilton & Rob Swanson.

One Response to “Up The Road & Down The Flats CD”

  1. Fred Keller says:

    Got this from local musician and songwriter Nathan:

    Fred, I finally got a chance to listen to your album! AWESOME! I like all the songs! I really think its great! Sound really good. I’ll have to pick your brain about how you recorded it sometime. I like (the) guitar run in the beginning of Three Little Drops…Very inspiring. Another song that sticks out is Red River Carts…My Great great great grandfather came to MN on an ox carts from Canada to Le Sur country, or something like that. Its something I imagine could be found in Lomax’s American Ballad and Folk Songs book. I’ll be playing this a lot. There’s not enough I can say about this album, from the playing, the writing, the production, Great Job all around!

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