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“Fenceline may not be “The Whistlepigs” first CD, but it feels like our true debut.

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SPECIAL PRICE:  $1.00 for the whole shebang!
This, the second Whistlepigs album, came out in 2008.  Still holds up, still sounds great.

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Album features the following songs:

1. Fenceline (F. Keller)
2. Walking Cane
3. Stone Broke (F. Keller)
4. Fred Digs Up a Hornet’s Nest (F. Keller)
5. Chittlin’ Cookin’ Time in Cheatham County
6. You Can Get There From Here (F. Keller)
7. Hometown Blues
8. Sarah Jane (F. Keller)
9. Texas Gales/Devil in The Haystack
10. Engineer Best (F. Keller)
11. You Don’t Know My Mind
12. That Water
13. Rum River Mill
14. Miss Molly
15. Faith Of My Father
16. Step It Up And Go
17. Get in Line Brother

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