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Some new pics!  Feel free to download these pictures of The Skally Line.  You can click on each one and download by right-clicking and selecting “save image as” which should allow you to choose where to save it on your device or drive. 

In addition, I have prepared a blank Skally Line Poster.  You can download the pdf by clicking HERE:  Skally Line Poster Template

In Print In Lake Benton!

In April, 2023, we did a huge two-week tour in the Plum Creek and Kristina Hernandez of the Lake Benton paper came and did this wonderful write up.

In Print Down In Faribault County!

On July 14th, 2021, (yeah, been a while between posts right?  Well, we’ll change that!) The Skally Line stopped down at the Blue Earth Community Library.  Fiona Edberg came and did this lovely write-up of us.  Click to see the full pdf:  Fiona Edberg Article

Live From Studio A


Friday, February 5th, The Skally Line made its first trip to the UMD Campus in Duluth.  Maija Jenson interviewed us for the better part of a half hour, let us laugh and joke and pick a few tunes, and we had a grand old time announcing our CD Release Party at Beaner’s on February 6th.  You can listen to the entire half hour right here!



The Best Kind of Malarkey


Monday, February 1st, 2016, The Skally Line pulled into the KFAI studios to do a live broadcast with David O’Sullivan and Siobhan Kierans on their show “Malarkey:  Radio With An Irish Accent.”  We chatted about the connections between Irish and Scots music and Old-Time Appalachian traditions, played a few songs, received a gift bag of Irish tea from Siobhan, lately back from her native isle, and generally had a grand old time.  Dearly made me miss being in Ireland.  You can listen to the program online at this link here.

Malarkey and Skally Line 1 Malarkey and Skally Line 2 Malarkey and Skally Line 3


The QuoteStarter Campaign!


My wife Missy had the very clever idea of encouraging people to give feedback for the website and the Facebook page.  Here’s how she got this rolling:

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And folks responded with a passion.  I remain deeply humbled and grateful for the help.  Getting the word out, having testimonials and feedback from performances truly helps me find new work.  Thank you all.  Without further ado…


1.  Went out for some toast and music the other night in Duluth. It was an unexpected treat. Fred Keller weaves story telling into his music in a way few ever do. These are not canned stories that explain the song, they are deeper looks into where it came from and a look into the storyteller. You can easily find yourself in any one of them. From the quick and lively “Café Au Lust”, full of double entendre to the more thoughtful “[Looking For] Grace,” Fred spans musical styles with his mandolin and other stringed instruments as varied as his stories. It’s an emotional ride that, like good story tellers do, leaves you wanting more. For those over 30, toast is a thing you go out for now. I had a cranberry bread with apple butter and a couple other layers of spreads.  ~John W., after the Jefferson People’s House, 12/5/14

2.  I have heard Fred play often and appreciate, not only his music, but the historical perspective and commentary associated with his performances. If you like traditional music, check Fred out and help share his talent!  ~Chris P.

3.  I’ve heard Fred play many times, it’s very easy on the ears. He puts a lot of time and research into his music so has little stories to tell about the songs. Recently he and Tom (The Skally Line) played at our holiday art show . It was a lovely addition to the evening. We went to the Aster cafe this morning to check it out. I will be there for sure.  ~Julie C.

4.  I grew up in Sandstone and thought I knew just about everything about the town’s history, but I learned a few things from Fred’s research. He’s a very talented artist and I look forward to the next time I hear him.  ~Ruth P.

5.  When you see a soloist backing himself up with a mandolin or a mandola and actually pulling it off, making satisfying music, you know you’ve seen something special. Add to that a great understanding of tradition and the ability to turn a phrase—I don’t know what else you could ask for. Fred is the real deal.  ~ Dakota Dave Hull, guitarist extraordinaire, coffee fiend par excellence, and keeper of the knowledge of the best Chinese food in Minneapolis.

And in the place of honor, because he’s been my mentor and my muse for 15 years–the guy whose approach to music and a music-centered life I most strive to emulate–this from Mike Compton.  If you’ve never heard of him, you probably have HEARD him.  He studied under Monroe himself, played with everyone from The Nashville Bluegrass Band, to John Hartford, to Elvis Costello, to Joe Newberry, to Helen Highwater Stringband.  He worked with T Bone Burnett on “O Brother…”  He’s traveled the world playing and teaching and started the Monroe Mandolin Camp in Owensboro, KY. 

6.  When you think of entertainment skills, what comes to mind? Vocalists whose musical renderings more resemble a high-wire act? Rapid-fire instrumentalists who sound like jack rabbits running through the underbrush? No siree. With a lot of patience and little intelligence you can even teach a dog to sing, but why go through the trouble when there is genuine entertainment in our midst? 

Introducing Mr. Fred Keller…singer, songwriter, historian, musician, storyteller, humorist. Fred is one of Minnesota’s premier folk artists and a performer who gets to the root of the material he’s rendering. To know Fred is to understand that his passion lies in the stories of the past and how they effect us in the here and now. He brings forth to his audiences real subjects about real people, real songs with enduring stories of common people and themes that influence the masses. Fred is at home with an Irish folk tune, an antique American fiddle hoedown, a old ballad of Minnesota life, or one of his own inspired compositions. He is prolific with the pen and has numerous tasty songs and instrumentals to his credit, a few of which I have begun learning myself. 
I have been fortunate to see Fred in concert and he is a consummate professional. His attention to detail, pacing and thoughtful presentation brings the crowd into his world as he flawlessly weaves tales and tunes. Fred is not merely a man with a mandolin. He is an entertainer. Treat yourself to one of Fred’s shows at your first opportunity. Go shake his hand. You’ll be glad you came.  ~Mike Compton.


Would you like to add something?  I’d welcome any feedback at all.  Head on over to the “Talk To Me” page and drop me a line.  I promise you’ll hear back.


This just in from Jim R. at Aardwolf Publishing, an amazing speculative fiction small press producing “a unique line of books by some of the best authors and artists who’ve emerged from the comics and entertainment mediums in the last 60 years” (including Clifford Meth, a really exciting author that I just started reading):  “Thanks for the link to your website.  I just took a quick listen–that’s some mighty tasty playing and solid songwriting.  Glad to get to know a little bit about you!”



SkallyLine at Image Art Show

You were fantastic last night! I especially love that coffee song  Mary, East Central Regional Arts Council, after November 8, 2014 Image Art Show.

“I wanted to send a personal thank you.  We are so glad that The Skally Line performed during the Image Art Show Opening.  You guys are fantastic!!!”  Mary, East Central Arts Council


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“Fred Keller…is Minnesota’s premier mandolin virtuoso.  He’s someone you must see to believe!”  “It was a fun show with interesting stories from Minnesota’s musical history.”  Jefferson People’s House, Duluth, MN, review.




The Deep North LOVES House Concerts!  If you ever thought about hosting one but then said to yourself “that sounds hard,” you need to read this!  Click to read, right click to download, or pick one up at a show.



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