Welcome! Put some bug spray on, pull up close to the fire, grab a little lunch, and enjoy the site.  Swap a story, share a tune, browse around and stay awhile:  Plenty of room in the Deep North.

The Deep North is my world, it’s where I live, it’s what I love, and it’s the world I continue to create.  The Deep North is the over-arching name for a family of programs and projects that I pursue.  Within the Deep North you’ll find my music duet The Skally Line.  You’ll find my storytelling and community-building efforts at Tales From The Deep North. I also teach mandolin, work with kids at camps and classes, and organize dances, so feel free to Talk To Me.  I’m always thinking of new programs and new ways to include folks so take a look around.

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video Courtesy of Steve Henning, LAKES COUNTRY LIVING

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